[Internal event] TANABATA – THE STAR FESTIVAL (JULY 7th)

I think all of you know about the Chinese Valentine’s Day on July 7th.

July 7th in the lunar calendar is known as Chinese Valentine’s Day in Vietnam, China, Korea and many countries of Asia. As the legend that has remained from a long time ago until nowadays, it is said that Chinese Valentine’s Day was derived from the romantic but sad love story of a couple named Nguu Lang and Chuc Nu. It is said that in one year separated, Nguu Lang and Chuc Nu were allowed to reunite at O Thuoc Bridge only on July 7th.



And do you know this?

Even in the beautiful country of Japan, there is Chinese Valentine’s Day, and in Japanese it is called “Tanabata” (The Star Festival). However, different from Vietnam or China, events in Tanabata of Japan will be held on July 7 in the solar calendar. In addition, in love story of Vietnam and China, the two main characters are called “牽牛 (Nguu Lang)” and “織女 (Chuc Nu)”, but in the legend of Japan, the couple’s names are “彦星(Hikoboshi)” and “織姫(Orihime)”.



When mentioning about Tanabata in Japan, beside the inspirational meeting between Hikoboshi and Orihime, the image of bamboo stalks decorated with colorful small pieces of paper where people’s wishes and feelings are written, has become a special symbol.

In fact, on this day, Japanese people have a custom of writing their wishes on “Tanzaku” and decorating them on bamboo stalks. This custom has spread since the Edo period and remains to this day. Since ancient times, bamboo has been regarded as a tree of Gods and it is said Gods dwell there. Therefore, it is believed that wishes put in small wish papers will reach gods and stars.




Moreover, the colors of wish papers itself are also meaningful.

–          Red expresses gratitude to ancestors and parents, so it is used to write wishes for families and parents.

–          Blue is always used to write wishes for personal growth.

–          Since yellow is a color that expresses friendship, it is appropriate to write wishes for relationships.

–          White symbolizes self-determination.

–          Black or purple is used to write wishes for study and examination.



If you have chances to write wishes on the day of Tanabata, please choose a wish paper of color that suits your wishes.



On July 7th  in the solar calendar of this year, Bee Tech Asia’s members were also writing wishes together in wish papers. It is hoped that wishes of members of Bee Tech Asia family will become a reality.