[Internal training] NLP

The trainer introduced the definition and benefits of Neuro – Linguistic Programming (NLP – Neuro – Linguistic Programming).



NLP is the language of thought programming and mind programming.It includes the three most influential points in shaping an individual’s experience. That is: neurology, linguistics and pre-programmed patterning. Many scientists conclude that NLP is unfounded and classify it as pseudoscience.



Next, the trainer explained how NLP works and the benefits of NLP. They are:

– Improve the acumen of the senses to make quick and smart decisions

– Understand the physiological psychology

– Control yourself, balance your emotions to communicate and behave appropriately

– Have the skills of gaining good impressions from others

– Control your emotions and enhance your emotional wisdom

– Have the skills of convincing and negotiating effectively in communication

– Overcome obstacles, challenges, difficulties in work and life

– Motivate yourself to learn, remove the psychological barriers that limit and prevent you from reaching success to achieve your career goals

– Reinforce the structure of successful thinking and help you become more aware of your motivations



So we’ll know what kind of person we are:

– Visual

– Kinesthetic

– Auditory

– Auditory digital


After this seminar, the trainer also gave participants a personality test to know what kind of person they are.



The sharing session of the trainer helped us learn more about new knowledge. After this seminar, I hope we will gain more useful knowledge from Bee Tech Asia’s members.