[Internal training] TEXT DISPLAY IN UNITY

This time, we held a seminar to share technical knowledge on game development in the company. The theme of this seminar is a project issue that we are actually developing at our company, “Text display problem in Unity – Unsupported Tamil language”, presented by a programmer of the game development team.



Mr. Cong showed our members language issues that were occurring in a project being developed by the Unity team, and gave them a detailed solution suggested by the team.

This theme is really fresh knowledge for our engineers, experience of surrounding members and actual projects is valuable lesson and can not be learned at any school.

This presentation was highly appreciated by all members. In addition to the Unity team members, iOS, Android, Web team and other members also concentrated on listening.



Through Mr. Cong’s presentation, everyone understood the Unity team’s effort in the process of examining languages, researching tools that support language display, and proposing appropriate solutions.

In this way, we hope that seminar activities will be maintained as a culture of BEE TECH ASIA and will be conducted more frequently. These are good opportunities for members to share their knowledge and gain experience from other members.