Beetech Asia Joint Stock Company mainly focuses on development of software projects in the Japanese market.
We are also implementing extremely diverse business activities in Hanoi as a comprehensive IT service company.

Business Introduction

Offshore Development

Safe and stable offshore development.
As your company's development base, we will support your global expansion.
By specializing at development Vietnam with planning and designs mainly done in Japan, we have demonstrated an outstandingly fast speed yet precise development and cost performance in Vietnam offshore development.

Contract development

We will develop systems according to customer requests, conditions, and timeframes.
The development team will make adjustments to personnel, detailing out specifications, and development according to the customer's requests, and makes final adjustments based on the content (feedback) confirmed by our client.

Laboratory Development

We offer a development team with a minimum of 3 people.
Volume discounts are available as we require a fixed-term contract period of at least 6 months and above.
Because of the fixed-term contract, laboratory development is attracting attention as a method that reduces the needs for estimates regarding for each project, reduces personnel changes, and enables in-house development teams to demonstrate cost performance.

Business Support

We are also providing aids in cultivating personnels capable in translation/interpretation from Japanese to Vietnamese that would help you in your expansion to Vietnamese market.
Please do consult with us, regardless of whether it is related to the field of IT.

Our Service


BEE Tech Asia provides all types of typical development such as offshore development – recruiting good Vietnamese technicians at low cost, developing onsite- recruiting engineers (who can use Japanese) onsite in Japan, or developing Labo- style staff of engineers working abroad. In addition, our company also provides the type of development combining both Offsite and Onsite development.Customers can choose the best form of development, we will provide you with the form of quality development and high speed.


We have a team of Web development engineers with diverse development experience, not only capable of Web programming using WordPress but also using PHP, Ruby on Rails, HTML5… We can create Web programming with the best techniques from website interface programming to server. Vietnamese engineers will conduct programming, and the Japanese director is in charge of quality management.


Application development and game development are also one of BEE Tech Asia's strengths. Our company has also implemented a lot of highly applicable applications such as business apps, SNS apps, and customer management apps.
All applications can be used on all types of devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, …Web app, native app or hybrid app, our company can flexibly respond to our customers’ needs.


We provide aids to companies considering expansion of business into Vietnam.
We also provide local supports in company establishment, human resource introduction, and website creation.
We will help you with any questions you may have regarding legal affairs, labor, accounting, etc.