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  • [Internal training] CI – CD AND CI TOOLS
    Today, BEE TECH ASIA's members were again excited and awaited the well-prepared and informative information sharing meeting. This theme has really attracted the attention of many members. However, the terminology on this subject may not be understood right and fully yet.
    Programming is so difficult. If someone says that programming isn’t difficult, it’s because they have many years of experiences of programming. It’s okay to be overwhelmed when you’re learning about programming. There are many things to learn and maybe you’ll forget them quickly.
  • [Internal event] VIETNAM WOMEN’S DAY
    All of you know the Vietnamese Women’s Day of October 20th, but probably there are few people who remember the origin of this anniversary.
  • [Internal training] ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
    After a month of quarantine, members of BEE TECH ASIA have returned to the office and the activities have also returned to normal. Continue to seminar series, in this seminar, Mr. Tuan will bring members a topic that many people are interested in in the current era of Industry 4.0. That is Artificial Intelligence (AI).