[Internal event] VIETNAM WOMEN’S DAY

All of you know the Vietnamese Women’s Day of October 20th, but probably there are few people who remember the origin of this anniversary.



On October 20th 1930, this day 93 years ago, the “Anti-Imperialism Vietnam Women’s Union” (now the Vietnam Women’s Union) was officially founded. For the purpose of commemorating this important event, the Vietnamese Communist Party decided October 20th of every year as the day of the union, and the day to respect Vietnamese women, known as Vietnamese Women’s Day.



On October 20th of this year, to celebrate Vietnam Women’s Day and give a present to female members of Bee Tech Asia, the representative of the company and male members held a surprise event and a small party. This is also an opportunity to express gratitude to the female members for their great efforts and contributions to Bee Tech Asia’s development.




On behalf of Bee Tech Asia executives and male members, I would like to express my sincere congratulations to our beautiful women. I hope that all of you are always beautiful, energetic, happy and successful in your career and life!