[Internal training] AGILE・SCRUM

Hien introduced the Agile/Scrum model from overview to details.

・What is the Scrum workflow?

・How can we use the Agile/Scrum model to manage projects?

・What is the importance of the Daily Scrum Meeting and Sprint Planning Meeting?

・What tools are used to manage projects using the Agile/Scrum model?

・How can we effectively apply the model?

・How can we effectively apply the model?



It was thought that this theme would be difficult, but after mysterious pieces were put one after another in correct positions by the trainer and participants, the puzzle was completed, and everyone can understand more in detail how to use Agile – Scrum in the project management.

This theme was a considerable challenge for the presenter who has really experienced project management and participants. On the other hand, this is also a chance for our young members to learn how to manage from our seniors and understand business and operation of the company.



Since this is a highly specialized topic, it has attracted the attention of our in-house technical staff and we have received many questions from participants.

This seminar has allowed the members of Bee Tech Asia to gain knowledge that will be useful in their work. Stay tuned for the fascinating topics of the next seminar!