[Internal training] CI – CD AND CI TOOLS

At the beginning of the presentation, Mr. Manh defined CI – CD and explained benefits of using CI – CD.



CI is an abbreviation of Continuous Integration and describes an automated development process that allows members of development team to input their work results into the system at least once a day for automated software development. When we integrate work results, the product under development is immediately “built” and tested automatically, so that we can find bugs as soon as possible. By leveraging this development process, you can reduce integration tasks and develop software faster.


While Continuous Integration is a process of automatically building and testing development products, CD (abbreviation of Continuous Delivery) means Continuous Delivery, in which all work results are automatically converted to code, which is used in a staging environment. This is a higher level development process than CI.
Continuous Delivery allows you to take advantage of automated testing as well as a variety of testing methods, including unit testing. Automation tests for this process include UI tests, integration tests, API tests, and more. This is an almost automatic software development process.


Mr. Manh emphasized that CD is often mistaken for Continuous Deployment. This development process is similar to Continuous Delivery, except that it is automatically deployed in a production environment. Although Continuous Deployment is not adaptable to any company’s system, Continuous Delivery is absolutely appropriate so that products such as apps, software and services can be developed faster and with higher quality.



In the end, Mr. Manh analyzed CI, and revealed a comparison of each of the world’s most popular CI tools, including Travis CI, Circle CI, and Jenkins. Participants gained comprehensive and detailed knowledge of CI and CD through knowledge and examples described at the seminar. The participants were lively talking about knowledge and examples.

Moreover, the most special thing about the seminar is that Mr. Manh introduced the demo product he is using CI to develop on his own. With the approval of Manh, we would like to attach Mr. Manh’s demo product below for readers of the BEE  TECH ASIA website to refer.