Foreign languages are playing an increasingly important role in many fields and are realized to have a direct impact on Vietnam’s industrialization, modernization and international economic entry. Therefore, studying foreign languages is an important part of positioning yourself in the process of entering the international economy. Understanding many languages means that you can overcome the culture and custom barriers of many countries around the world. However, the question of “How can I study foreign languages?” is a problem for people, especially for college students who are about to graduate or who want to find a good job.



Beginning with a book told about the story of English learning of Do Nhat Nam, a genius boy, “Tớ đã học Tiếng Anh như thế nào?” (How did I learn English?). Learning foreign languages gives you opportunities to work for a high-paying job, broaden your worldview, approach trends around the world, enhance your thinking, improve your memory and concentration, etc.。



People use their own ways of learning foreign languages, but have you ever asked if your own way of studying works? Perhaps no one can yet find an answer to this question. 

Participants shared the mistakes they often made while studying a foreign language. Because of those mistakes, We have gradually gained a lot of experience on our own on the road to learning a foreign language.



Then we shared methods and “tricks” for getting high scores on the JLPT and TOEIC exams. The methods and tips may be simple, but they have motivated everyone to pursue and continue learning their favorite foreign language.



Thus, the members of Bee Tech Asia shared a lot about language learning with each other. In the future, all of us will have a proper plan to learn our foreign language.

We wish you all the best of luck!