[Internal training] TEST AUTOMATION

For the seminar this time, Mr. Vu Dinh Loan selected the theme of automation of verification, so-called test automation, and presented it to our members.



Verification of quality is an important task for an IT company such as BEE TECH ASIA to win customer trust. For that reason, many BEE TECH ASIA’s members participated in this recital.

At this seminar, Mr. Loan introduced members to basic knowledge of test automation, pointed out the importance of this technology, and shared tips on using test automation effectively in projects. In addition, he provided examples of test automation used in projects he has experienced so that participants can better understand it.


After Mr. Loan’s presentation, an lively and active discussion continued. Members raised various questions and unknown issues and discussed them together.

The bottom line is that such seminars on exchanging the technology and skills needed for in jobs allow BEE TECH ASIA’s engineers to learn from each other and work together to make their knowledge and skills perfect. We hope that members will continue to participate eagerly so that every seminar becomes meaningful.